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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Birthdays? They are a worry?

I am troubled! I don't really believe it, but I turn 60 in less than a month. 60 is considered a milestone! Like an old person's 21st. Now you really are old! There is no argument. It used to be retirement age so had even more significance. But how do you celebrate it?

Last year my wife turned 60 and we had a small family day together and a special dinner out, just the kids, and she and I got shouted a few days away. It was really nice. Early in the year I had a tramping mate turn 60. He packed up and went away into the hills of the westcoast for a tramp by himself and spent the evening in reflection in the wild by himself... loved it! I thought "That's what I am going to do!" I love wandering around the bush by myself! But just recently I have been rethinking. I have had a few heart warming conversations with people who have been a part of my life for years. This has made me think that may be when I pass a milestone like 60 I would like to somehow thank all the people who have made, and still make my life so full and precious. I would like to thank the people who are sharing the journey with me! May be diving off into the bush would be a really selfish thing to do? Along with that, life is often nose down, bum up working and busyness and there are few occasions when we can really celebrate the good things of life. And just maybe being 60 is a good excuse to get together with friends and acquaintances and celebrate the goodness of life and the preciousness of relationships? Maybe some sort of gathering is what is called for, though I am not really a party sort of person? I am not a good "mixer" and the bush would seem a great option for me. What to do? Why do we have birthdays anyway? Does anyone have ideas?

Last Thursday it was a beautiful sunny day in Dunedin. I knocked off an hour early and me and my dog climbed my mountain. It was sooo nice in the bush! I will give myself a birthday treat sometime and spend a day in the bush! But I need to sort out what to do on the day! Family want to know.

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