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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Ministerial bloopers

For a laugh... When I was a student minister in my first year of college in Australia I used to lead a church about 50 miles outside of Melbourne. In the church there was a "Sewing circle", three or four quaint elderly ladies who would get together to mend and repair clothing to be sent to missionaries to hand out to the locals. In the evening service I had to read out any announcements that had been handed to me prior to the beginning of worship. Straight after the first hymn and opening prayer this raw theological student read out in a loud clear voice - like every good earnest student minister should- that "the sewing circus will meet on Wednesday morning ......." That was about as far as I got because everybody in the church burst into laughter except the members of the aforementioned group, who glared at me and glared at the people for finding it so funny. All through the rest of the service I would see guys, in particular, struggling to control a fit of giggles as they recalled the Freudian slip I had made. Actually "Sewing circus" aptly described the people in the group... that's what made it so funny.

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