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Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Generosity again...

I often grump but this week I should have no reason to grump. People have been generous.
  • I had a substantial gift given to the Night Shelter that I mentioned in my last post.
  • I have had another considerable gift given to the Church funds in memory of my friend Ian Corlett.
  • There is a new food share organisation in town who called by on Tuesday. They take left over food from various firms and distribute it to worthy causes. The lady opened up the back of her vehicle and we were allowed to help ourselves to sausages, savaloys and meat for use at our drop-in centre. When we hesitated she said, "Its obvious you are not used to being given much! .... take more! You use it well."
That is a total of $8000 given to Church and Night Shelter and a big heap of food. I cannot growl this week. AND I have time off!

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