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Thursday, June 12, 2014

The Dalai Lama's words ring bells with me.

We have been using mostly old building materials. Yet to be painted.
My nearly two week old grandson. His father was covered by the same green knitted rug forty years ago.
Waiheke Island has some beautiful scenes... on my evening walk.
I am on Waiheke Island away from responsibilities in Dunedin. Building a workshop/spare room with my son among the poles under the front of his house has kept me active. As well as this I have been enjoying reading and walking in my spare time. I read Fred Hollow's autobiography and have been reading "Varieties of Religious Experience", a very old and long book by William James. It is often quoted and I have dived into it from time to time over the years, but now I have decided to read it cover to cover.  It is written in old style english being the result of Gifford lectures he gave. It is quite heavy going, but I have found it has prompted my own thinking on issues of "religion".  On facebook I saw the quotations below on the subject of religion and I warmed to them. I simply share them with you.  Tomorrow is our last full day here on the island, on Sunday night we fly out of Auckland headed for Edinburgh, and another son, daughter-in-law and grandson there.

 In response to this, some body shared the following: - The Dalai Lama is always asked, "I want to follow your teachings and become a Buddhist." He always replies " the world has enough Buddhists, the world does not have enough compassion. Become compassionate." ... Amen! 

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Linda Myers said...

Become compassionate! Indeed.