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Thursday, July 24, 2014

Post number 1002!... Verbal Diarrhea?

It all started 22nd July 2008
I just noticed that my last post was the 1001st post I had done since I began blogging in 2008. (Actually it is number 1002 because I once did a post the Chairman of the Church board found offensive so I deleted it to make him happy. He felt that I should not have written about some things that went on in a board meeting.) One thousand times I have burbled! I have shared my journey with its ups and downs. Sometimes they have been serious reflections, sometimes cathartic blasts and sometimes just me. I am sure I post too often... but it has become a sort of journal. Now that I have retired from Church ministry it is an outlet for some of my reflections on life and ongoing reading where as such reflections may have been saved for sermons.  I am sure I have said things I ought not to have said. I am sure some things I have written should not have gone on line for all and any to see.
On line nothing is secret
As we have been touring we have been booking accommodation and travel on line. It is a convenient way to do things. We have used a couple of different agencies to book accommodation.   But one thing troubles me. We get follow up emails from the people through whom we book asking us to rate the accommodation we have just used. I use only one of my email addresses to book the accommodation. I have a second email address which was my work one which I seldom use for anything these days. But when we get these emails about rating our accommodation they come to both addresses! How did they know I had the other one? What IT wizardry happened that enabled them to know my other email address?  The other thing I have been aware of for some time. I will search for accommodation in say "Southampton" and then I'll start getting emails advertising "Hotels in Southampton" from various sources. This morning I searched for the prices of garden sheds in Edinburgh via Google. I then went on to check out New Zealand news on the Yahoo site. Sure enough advertisements started to appear for Garden sheds. I recall once when I was sending and receiving emails relating to a funeral I was planning, then advertisements related to funerals started appearing. e.g. florists, monumental masons.etc.  Nothing is secret on the internet!
Anyway that is blog post number 1002. I have some other stuff about wars, downed planes, politicians and apologies bubbling away in my mind so I may yet post again soon. I am actually a shy guy but sometimes in this medium I get verbal diarrhea! Sorry... 

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Keith Harris said...

Don't apologise for being an open book, Dave; more of us should be the same. More importantly: don't change!