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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


We are not having the greatest of summers. Windy and cloudy days seem to be frequent. But I still love Dunedin, New Zealand. Here is a link to a video from "Young Adventurers" which gives a little glimpse of my home town. Also I have some photos to share of life for me since Christmas.

An old garden shed I built from demolition wood nearly 30 years ago needed a new window. I constructed a frame to suit a pane of glass I had sitting around, all from old wood from pallets I picked up.

Pania, our foster daughter with severe handicaps turned 38 two days after Christmas. She suffers from Retts Syndrome. She is in care and visits home regularly. I bumped into her and her carer in town today. She was so delighted to see me. She is really a delight, though she cannot say a thing, nor do much for herself. She smiles, and thats enough.
I lined the garden shed with free wood from under a "Free Firewood" sign at a hardware store.
The tidy up was a Christmas gift to my wife.
An early Sunday morning walk in our neighbourhood. A very still morning on Otago Harbour.
My 30 year old sawhorse collapsed when I put a heavy log on it.
One end survived, so I rebuilt it, again with free wood and painted it this time.
It will not have to last me another 30 years. :-) 
We bought fish & chips and sat by the local boat club to eat them.
I am currently chopping down trees on our land and collecting firewood. It will be good and dry for next year.
I have lots more to harvest. 
Whenever I see this I am reminded to hope and persevere.
I chopped this tree down several months ago, but it refuses to die. A great reminder.
We made a big purchase for us - a shredder for the small branches and vegetation from my harvested trees.
We do save a lot for kindling wood. It has already done a lot of work.


Anthony said...

I share your love of Dunedin. I enjoyed the video "glimpse".. It's a special place.

Dave Brown said...

Oh hi.. nice to hear from you.