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Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Introducing "me".

I was asked to introduce myself and answer questions for a monthly local West Harbour community paper. They have a local personality introduced each month with the same set of questions.

Here was what I sent into them...

Dave grew up in North East Valley, Dunedin, completing a plumbing apprenticeship with A&T Burt Ltd.  Changing careers meant 5 year’s study (4 in Melbourne, Australia) to become a minister in the Associated Churches of Christ. After a ministry in Palmerston North and as a traveling field worker, he returned to the Dunedin Church where he served for 27 years. It was late in 1986 with wife Jean, five children, and goats and hens, he moved into Sawyers Bay and enjoys the rural aspect and the community feel. Experiences such as running a drop-in centre, involvement in Habitat for Humanity, 25 Community Christmas Day dinners, helping to form the Dunedin Night Shelter Trust (still chairman) and other community orientated programs followed. His passion is helping to create inclusive caring communities. In 1994 he added working as a Workplace Chaplain to his ministry and continues to serve Dunedin Fire Fighters, Speights brewery and St John Ambulance. In retirement he helps out at the Port Chalmers United Church. He recently facilitated a public meeting working toward forming an Iona Management Trust, promoting creative community use of the historic Iona Church building.  

Q. If you had a chance which three people alive or dead would you invite for dinner?
A. Jesus of Nazareth. He was known as a glutton so he’d enjoy the meal. William Wilberforce was an eccentric determined politician and Dr Martin Luther King learned from great minds and had courage and hope.
Q. What are your three favourite movies?
A.  ‘Forrest Gump’, ‘Chocolat,’ and ‘Pay it forward.’
Q. What was your first car and if money was no object what car would you buy? A. A 1938 Austin 12. (at rest under Forrester Park now) I’m a van man, so an electric van of some sort. Or failing that a completely restored ‘63 Dodge Ambulance.
Q. If you were to face the guillotine in the morning, what would you choose as your last meal?
A. Lambs fry with bacon, mushrooms, onion and garden fresh parsnip and carrots mashed together, with spud.
Q. Which three countries would you most like to visit?
A. Canada, Brazil and United Kingdom.
Q. When you were at school can you remember what you first wanted to be when you grew up?
A. A Farmer.
Q. What do you think is the most useful invention of all time?
A. I suspect the Internet will be seen as a very important turning point in history.
Q. What is the best book you have read?
A. So many? I have two – Man’s search for meaning by Viktor Frankl and Meeting Jesus again for the first time by Marcus Borg.
Q. If you had a time machine where in the past or future would you go?
A. Late 19th century NZ.
Q. If you had to spend 1 month on a desert island name three things you would take along?

A. My Swiss army knife, a pen and paper. It would be a quiet place with no interruptions, for reflection and writing.

I add some photos for colour...
Our family about 1981 when we had a 1963 Dodge ambulance towing a 25ft caravan.
Historic Iona Church which we are going to use creatively for community stuff. 
My wife & I are honoured at the Dunedin Night Shelter.

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Terra Hangen said...

You have a great blog title, and how fun to hear people call out "here comes JC's helper". I am His follower too, way over here in California.