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Monday, March 12, 2012

Good News about an earlier post.

Ian's 1912 Triumph. Re-restored and back among his family.
In October 2009 I blogged about my Aussie friend Ian's vintage motor bike which was stolen. This was after his death. This loss on top of the loss of a much loved husband and dad was a source of much sadness and heartache for his widow and the family.  Due to Curly's (his widow) persistence and perseverance it was eventually found in a drain and has had to be re-restored. Another Aussie mate sent me an email today with a photo of the bike now... He writes the following...

Curly refused the $20.000 insurance payout continually saying she wanted the bike back, the money was meaningless.
She advertised for months offering a reward and proved there is no honour among thieves. The bike had been dumped in a drain for 6 months.
Here it is restored. Ian’s son David will ride it over Easter at Mac Park in Mount Gambier and then I think it will go on loan to the National Motor museum.
It’s a hundred years old this year.

I think it is great that it has been restored. Ian put an incredible amount of work into the bike and in some ways its ongoing life is a memorial to him. I would love to see it again. Maybe I could sneak over at Easter? (Nah... I have a bathroom to build.) It was just before Easter that Ian died. 
Away back in the 1970's I did my theological training in Australia for four years in Melbourne. I am a staunch Kiwi. I love New Zealand with a passion. But I have to admit that a part of my heart will always be in Australia, especially with the deep friendships I made while there. I often wish I had the funds to drop over for a quick visit.

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