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Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY work on my day off.

Today, Monday, is my day off. This morning we took a roll of carpet to Phoenix Lodge at the Night Shelter. We mucked around there a little bit checking things out, then did some shopping and came home for lunch. The rain was falling without a break so there could be no outside work. I decided to get stuck into a couple of jobs in my workshop. Using mostly old timber I constructed the Workplace Support symbol as a jigsaw puzzle. The CEO had asked if I could do this for a retreat coming up in a couple of weeks. I was pleased with what I managed to do. It was funny. I cut the fish up and sanded the various parts, then I had the most difficult job working out how it all fitted together again. My wife suggested I take a photo so that it could be a reference point. There are 25 parts to the fish representing the 25 people working for Workplace Support in the Southern Region. I hope it is what the boss wanted? It is yet to be painted.
I then pulled some shelving apart and began to build a bench unit which will replace an old dresser inside our back door. I enjoyed the fact that I could visualise what I wanted to do and work it all out. At one stage I thought I was going to run out of suitable framing timber, but suddenly remembered a length I had stored in the rafters. Next Monday or perhaps one night this week I'll finish it all. It was quite nice just settling down to do physical DIY work. It cleared my head. Roll on retirement when I can do so much more of these sort of projects.

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