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Thursday, March 21, 2013

From my TURP recovery reading

I have spent most of today in bed either snoozing, looking up medical matters on the internet or reading a recently purchased book. The book is "Why Weren't we told? - A handbook on 'progressive' Christianity" It is a collection of writings on various aspects of progressive Christian thought and belief. In it there are some delightful writings/poems by a Jim Burklo. (Associate Dean of Religious Life at the University of Southern California.) I am generally turned off creeds but I did like this one he wrote entitled:

  A Creed for Christians.

God is Love, the cosmic creativity present everywhere and in everything,
Gently urging all toward the good.

To Love we raise our awestruck praise!

Jesus embodied the Love that is God.
He loved the poor, the sick, the outcast,
He loved the unpopular, and even his own enemies.
He loved so completely, he loved so dangerously,
that it cost him his life.

As Christians we aim to serve humbly, as he did,
Resurrecting his life of Love through communion with others.

The texts and traditions of Christianity give voice to our souls,
so that we may support each other in our quests of compassion.
Love is the measure of what is worth following,
And what is not, in all religions.
So we pray for a Holy Spirit of discernment
To express our faith afresh in new times and places.

It is interesting that the old creeds do not mention the word "love". Even those evangelical Christians who like to list off what a Christian should and shouldn't believe seldom mention "love". I like this "creed' because it's focus is "love" and "loving" and not doctrinal belief. 

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