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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Why do it?

Attempt at a panoramic photo of the Otago Harbour from up on top of Mt Cargill (My mountain) Sooo nice to be up there again.
A full day off.
I had a full day off yesterday (Monday). It was so good. I slept in a bit, read the paper leisurely and dawdled up town to get some necessary supplies. (Mash for the hens and sheep nuts for the goats) I then filled in online my application for the NZ government superannuation. That was a bad move. We made a few mistakes and the thing timed out a couple of times in the process.  I went up my mountain. Because a local road is still closed after a big slip awhile back, my trip to the start of the walkway was extra long.  For this reason I have not been up my mountain for a long time. It was so good to be up there. Somehow it energises me and at night I tackled a couple of emails.
Looking at the readings...
On Tuesday mornings I have coffee with some virtual people. On the "Textweek" I read the readings for the next week and often print them off. I then make a cup of coffee and click on the "Sermon Brainwave" link and listen to a small group of Biblical experts discuss the readings. They are different theologically than me, but their discussion of the Biblical texts and the possibilities for preaching often gets my own creative juices flowing.  I sometimes listen to another podcast and read some of the other articles on the textweek site.  Today as I read the readings and listened to the discussion about next weeks lectionary readings, I got quite excited. "Oh I could do this, and point out that!?" Jeremiah talks about cisterns, and fountains of water and I began to think creatively about props I could use and how we could celebrate truths. But as I thought, I got to thinking about my congregation who have listened to me for 26 years and wondered if anything I did, no matter how creative, would make any difference. "What the hell is the use of trying?" I said to myself.  I gave up my creative thinking and went on with other tasks. I guess that during the week something useful will gell.
Good encounters...
I had some good encounters when I went over to St John and when I visited fire stations. I feel at home in these places and appreciate the meaningful discussions I have. Last Sunday morning in discussions with people in the informal time after worship I felt I connected with some people. These times make me feel my "work" is worthwhile, even if running Sunday worship leaves me cold. Its a funny old job this Church ministry, only eighteen Sundays to go.
When you retire, I was wondering....
Today in an email and conversation I had two people making suggestions about "when I retire."  It is so hard. I want to be free from too much stress when I retire. I need that! Yet I still want to do that which is useful and makes a difference.  My wife says that I should not promise anything now and just say "We'll wait and see how I feel when I retire." I kind of think she is wise.

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