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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The six of spades.

I have arrived at the office early to try to get things done before I retire. I turned on the computer and received emails. I then idly played solitaire as I thought out my day. The game of solitaire almost worked out, but there was six of spades that I could not get at, holding up the whole process. It so annoyed me because I had made such great progress in the game. I had to quit the game unresolved.
As I shut down solitaire, having failed at the game but successfully planned my day, it hit me how very often in Church or voluntary groups in the community I have experienced a similar thing. Often there is one pedantic or cautious, or just plain "evil" person who holds back a group from making real progress. Sometimes they are just not in tune with the spirit of the "mission." Discussion is limited or hindered, progress is thwarted and people get frustrated because this one person "stuffs it up". Many groups find themselves moving at the pace of the lowest common denominator, and it is only one person that does it! Sometimes I think we can be too nice. Sometimes because of the evil being perpetuated and the damage being done, it would be better to make some challenging, hard calls. .... but I have erred on the side of "niceness" because I am a bit chicken. My blood pressure would have been better if I had not. I have known a few "six of spades" people in my time, though I have often called them other names under my breath.

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