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Thursday, April 16, 2015

A "Reformation" for our age.

I have often spouted words like, "I believe the Church needs a reformation as profound as the reformation of the sixteenth century."  People often think I mean changes in worship style, a rewording of liturgy or theology. While that may be good my reformation is even more profound. It can be stated in a few words;

To follow Jesus today,
the Church needs to change from
worshipping groups of people who sometimes serve,
being serving groups of people who also worship.

A complete change of central focus for two reasons:- 

(1) As followers of Jesus we are called to serve as he served and be compassionate as he was compassionate. This compassion was at the heart of all he did.

(2) As an institution seen more and more as an irrelevant antique, (certainly that is true in NZ) the Church needs to earn its credibility. 

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