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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

On TV again!

These days when I go to my chaplaincies, or walk down the street or even at Church on Sundays people tease me about being "in the paper again!" - "Brown you're in the paper again!!" Because of my Night Shelter involvement and our campaign, there are frequent photos of me and quotes from me in the Newspapers. Sometimes too it can be "You're on TV again!" though not as many people watch the little local TV channel.  Well I was on TV again. I was interviewed briefly on the local news... It is always a bit difficult because it is a three minute quick fire interview and this time I had no detailed questions given me, just some "general topics we'll talk about." Here it is if you want to see it.

We are extremely fortunate at the Night Shelter. We seldom spend money on food. We are given all sorts of things and there seems to be a growing support for our goal to purchase the buildings. We received good news today and expressions of assistance and support. It is like riding a wave of generosity. I read in a theology book last night that "human beings are the language of big 'B', 'Being' - God." I get that feel. Somehow the love, compassion and generosity that is an intrinsic part of being a human being, the God within, is being expressed by all sorts of people toward the work of the shelter. It is nice to be the recipient of such care and concern.

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