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Saturday, May 7, 2016

Another "OE".

I am now in Edinburgh, on the other side of the world from Dunedin, New Zealand. I am very tired. I think it is jet lag but my wife says that "for weeks, no months, no years you have been going like hell, and now you are forced to stop." Early on Tuesday morning we boarded a plane in Dunedin, NZ and flew about an hour to Christchurch. An hour or so later we boarded a bigger plane, and after over ten hours flying we arrived at Changi, Singpore's airport. We spent two days looking around this city and at nearly midnight boarded an even bigger plane and took off for London's Heathrow airport. It took us thirteen hours to arrive there with the plane tracking up almost to Moscow, over Berlin and Amsterdam, landing at Heathrow a little earlier than the expected time of arrival, at around 6 a.m. UK time. At around 1:15 p.m. we took the final hour long flight to Edinburgh. We were happy to finish the journey.
At one time on my first flight I decided I had to go to the rest room, and it was while I was washing my hands that I was filled with admiration. I could dial up the heat of the water then open the tap. It was pretty good technology, but what amazed me was that the plane was carrying enough water for its hundreds of passengers to flush the toilet, and wash their hands perhaps two or three times over! That's a lot of water, volume and weight to carry. The next flight on a bigger plane had me thinking with more amazement. It was an Airbus, had an upstairs portion and was ten seats plus two aisles wide. As I sat in this massive machine, with its hundreds of passengers I marvelled at the technology. Here was a machine that could carry all this stuff and enough fuel for well over thirteen hours, nonstop! As well as this they had enough food and drink on board to feed us two meals, plus some extras. We also had a selection of food so there was more than enough. It was only not much more than 110 years ago that the Wright brothers first flew a plane - a contraption of rods, material and bolts that flew for a very short period of time - just a matter of seconds. M (Of course if you are a New Zealander you would claim that a Richard Pearce flew a similar contraption earlier than them about 100 Miles north of my home town.)    My point is that from those early beginnings until now there has been an amazing and speedy development of the aeroplane. Now I can travel in a massive machine, travelling for hours on end, entertaining me, feeding me, allowing me to sleep and accompany hundreds of others, but covering the distance in a relatively quick amount of time. (Though the pains in my posterior would want it to be even faster!) The human race is amazing? The development and evolution of such technology boggles my mind! We are clever animals!

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