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Monday, May 30, 2016

Working toward growth.

We travelled by car from Edinburgh to Inverness, then on to Loch Ness, and back to Edinburgh the other day. I was in the middle in the back seat and had my baby grandson in his seat/cradle gadget next to me. We mistakingly think that babies sit around doing nothing, but not this kid. All through the hours of this trip he was working. He is six months old, but you could see him waving his hands about, and watching them, learning how to operate this body of his. . He would reach for things out of his reach, then squirm and twist until they could be grasped. then they had to be angled into his mouth to explore what they were. Then for a while he waved his feet in the air, twisting them this way and that. He reached for them and brought a toe down to his mouth. So it went on. He was busy, so busy he had to take a nap for awhile. Then it was back to work, trying out various sounds with his voice. Watching for a reaction. He was doing some personal work toward growth as a person. He was busy shaping what he will become in the future.
I have been reading newly purchased theology books, I began to think, "Why?" I do not preach regularly any more. I am not running a Church? These books fire me up with new thoughts and enthusiasms, but where and how do I express these? There is a point in just doing stuff for personal growth. Just as baby Xavier is busy extending his abilities, so should I, while I can, still be shaping myself as a human being, so that  I can express who I am in whatever form that takes. I need to still be a baby, growing, thinking and developing. That is the essence of life.

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