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Thursday, July 12, 2012

Quoted in the newspaper

The Dunedin Night Shelter in Lees Street.
One of the local community papers is called "the D Scene." While we were getting ready to host our kids for tea on Monday night I received a call from a reporter. She fired questions at me about the possibility of a woman's night shelter. I had involved our social work student in making phone calls to agencies to see what the need was for a shelter. Somehow I think this woman had heard about that. I am always guarded with reporters. I have been burned before. Sometimes they are out for some sort of critical, dirt digging angle. I was quite pleased with the result with this article though, there was only one little mistake.  We have a few things on the go and are working toward a street appeal on August 10th - 11th. Anyone want to volunteer to stand with a collection bucket? Let me know on brown.church@xtra.co.nz .
I am in the process of preparing a blog site for the Night Shelter. Watch this space.
Tonight I am home alone. I have cooked and eaten a big but lovely evening meal. I have loud sixties music playing on the stereo, the fire burning and now am sipping an old dark beer. About four hours ago I was sitting on some steps next to a big copper kettle where this beer is produced chatting to the brewers. I am a lucky man, my life is an interesting journey.

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Linda Myers said...

Sounds like a good, rewarding day.