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Friday, November 30, 2012

Greedy people!

Tonight we would have had over fifty people through the drop-in centre. We were lucky because we got given a whole lot of food, so there were pies, and savouries, and fish cakes etc. along with the normal filled rolls. We divide the food onto saucers so that people get half a pie, and half a savoury scone and half a croissant etc. and the food is placed on the table tennis table in front of the entry door. I noticed people were doubling up on everything and worried that there may be some who would not receive anything. Tonight there was plenty, but some who arrived 10 minutes late missed out on the first course of food. I watched these greedy people piling up their plates with food, grabbing double helpings almost like hungry growling dogs, with no thought about others who might go without. Our lovely elder said to one particularly repulsive woman with an attitude, "You'll never eat all that?" "Yes I will!" she said as she demanded more of what he was dishing out. I checked later and she did indeed throw some of it out. I found myself getting angry at the selfish greed on display, and the "couldn't care less" attitude toward others' needs. It looked repulsive, not a pretty side of human nature.
 As I played table tennis later I could not help thinking it was a microcosm of what happens in the big wide world. The greedy rich nations madly consume the world's resources at a rate that endangers the environment. Others struggle with few resources while rich nations waste so much. These people in the Drop-in were behaving no worse than the rich nations of the world. And it does look gross.

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