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Monday, November 5, 2012

Wet and cold day off.

Today it has been wet and cold. We went up town to my favourite hardware store for coffee and a browse, did some other calls and came home over the hill road. We drove through falling snow! It is November? I have been mucking around inside most of the day. As I ate my evening meal I looked at our white rhododendron bush and thought I should get a photo before the flowers totally disappear. This led to noticing other flowers in the wilderness that is our backyard.
Rhododendron outside our lounge window.

Apple blossom past its best.

Azalea also past its best.

Haven't a clue what they are, but quite cute.

Badly photographed rose.


Keith Harris said...

"Haven't a clue what they are,..."
For your edification, Dave: Solomon's Seal.

Dave Brown said...

Thank you kind sir. I have two botanically minded brothers-in-law who probably view me as totally ignorant. I now know one more thing. Hope life is treating you well.