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Monday, December 31, 2012

The last day of 2012

Today was my day off but it was a day when I had an appointment with my doctor to change my catheter. I had heard all sorts of painful sounding stories about this process so I looked forward to it like when I was a school boy waiting to get caned.  I first went to my favourite hardware store. We went to the cafe there for morning tea and to look for a letterbox suitable for the night shelter. We then ventured to the Medical Centre. We waited for half an hour before the doctor showed. He ushered me into an appropriate room and I disrobed. I lay there full of apprehension, but knowing deep down I could cope. He did the deed. There were uncomfortable parts to it, but not really painful and I left quite relieved about the whole process. I thanked him very much and told him that I hoped I would not need this one changed before I had the long awaited operation. He said, "I hope we don't have to do it again. I hope it happens soon for you." I came home, had lunch and rested up to recover from my ordeal. Later we visited two people in hospital before coming home for a lovely evening meal. 
I saved at least $60!
We were wandering up and down the isle at the hardware store stewing on letterboxes. The ideal one for our cause was a $180 one but that looked too flash. The next best was around $64. None we looked at were ideal for the situation we have for a letterbox for Phoenix Lodge. I got to the end of the isle and my wife had grabbed a $64 one. I took it reluctantly and was walking past some lengths of plywood - the same as this letterbox was made of - and I rolled the letterbox on the sheet. "I could buy one of these and make a better letterbox for $6!" I exclaimed. "But it's your time?" my wife objected. "None of those fits the bill." I said, handing the letterbox back to her. "I'll make it tonight!" We bought a sheet of ply and I have been enjoying myself tonight making a letterbox.  I am a bit of a hoarder. I have an old milk container labelled "hinges" full of hinges I have collected from old furniture or doors being thrown out. I have another such container with "latches". I gather screws, bits of metal and nails others would throw out. With these I built a suitable letterbox to attach to a fence at Phoenix lodge. It has a slot for the newspaper, a latched door at the back and a stainless steel roof.  Much better than the $64 one we would have purchased. And I enjoyed my time. 

I hope 2013 treats you well. Happy New Year. I wish you lots of love, health and well being.

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