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Monday, February 25, 2013

Beginning another week...

Old tools which I see as beautiful.
A courtyard we cleaned up a bit today.
Once it was lost but now it is found. 
Sunday service...
I am a bad preacher. I have always maintained that you have to listen to where your people are at and as you prepare for the service try to pick them up, beginning in their field of experience and moving them on. But when you preach the New Testament I find that difficult. The New Testament assumes that Christians are on the journey of discipleship. It assumes that those in the church ( i.e. the "called out for a purpose" gathering) are on a mission with Jesus and so much of it is written to assist them in that mission. Many times we think we come to church to get assistance with just the processes of living. How do I cope with illness? How do I cope with stress? How do I handle death? How do I bring my children up so that they don't disgrace me? But the New Testament is not so much a "how to live successfully and respectably" in our world.  Rather it is an operational manual for those who are with Jesus, in the currents of the Kingdom of God (the flow of God's life) overcoming the forces that would diminish life.  It assumes we have accepted a mission seeking to infiltrate our culture with the values and ways of God.  On Sunday I bounced off the gospel reading and talked about the difficulties of persevering in that mission and staying true to its work. About half way through I looked at the people before me and thought, "They are not where I am aiming this at?"  I missed the mark.... but how can I be anywhere else? I am a square peg in a round hole - again.
Day off?
Monday is my day off. It has been interesting in that both my wife and I have had to deal with issues relating to our two interests. My wife is still involved with Habitat for Humanity and fielded phone calls  related to that. I had various things to do for the Night Shelter and spent quite a bit of time stewing on that. I was chatting with a friend on facebook who was asking me what I was doing. I mentioned the night shelter stuff, and she commented, "You don't know what 'day off' means!" I guess it is all part of our lifestyle.
Stuff around the house...
We got to do some tidying up around the house. In the process we found a tool I lost almost a year ago. I had searched and searched for this prized possession but had not found it. I had bought a replacement, but it was not as good as the original. In the process of cleaning it up I looked fondly on some old tools I have. Some tools are a work of art. They just look good and feel good. They have been well made. I recall going to a vintage car museum and seeing a display of old plumbing tools. I had some of these! If I was going to collect old things and make a museum it would be of these old tools. I have a start of a collection already.
A lovely text...
My youngest son has a new baby a couple of weeks old. He texts his mother regularly about the baby's progress. He lets us know all sorts of details. One text was concerned, the baby had not had a bowl movement in more than a day and a half.  Then came a simple text of celebration, "Theo did a big poo!" After a while a cute text came that went something like this; "Wow mum, how our lives have changed! The hot topic is Theo's bowl movements! Funny!"  A baby is certainly a life changing experience even for grandparents. One of the things we did today was get a whole lot of photos printed of our growing family. We then displayed them in a fancy nine picture frame on our wall. Grandparents and baby photos go together.
Another week ahead...
I go into another week of the final year of my career. I would love to take time to visit my grandson in Christchurch but weekends are out. I would like to visit there before I have my operation. I think I will have to take a day or two off to do it. I have an invitation to my youngest brother's sixtieth birthday two and a half hours' drive away on Friday night.  I can't go, we do not have enough volunteers to run the drop-in centre. It is all part of this crazy lifestyle we call "ministry". Next year I'll "get a life" of my own, but then again this is a busy and exciting life already... just need some extra hours.

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