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Monday, February 11, 2013

Visiting new grandson.

I did this 32 years ago with Theo's father! 
He is not a day old in this.
We took off to Christchurch to visit our new grandson yesterday and came home tonight. They had a long time in labour and in the end had to do a "c-section" so you can imagine that my son and particularly, his wife are feeling exhausted. It is a big step becoming parents. They are both lovely people (like all my children - I may be biased.) so little Theodore Tobias Brown is a lucky little boy. I was intrigued. I know from my experience of being a father that babies love hearing your heart beat, feeling the warmth of your skin and feeling your breathing. He was being a little restless at one stage and my son was holding him letting mum have a rest. I took over, lay back in a chair and lay him flat on his tummy on my chest. He snuggled into me and went off to sleep as I chatted away softly to him. I recall doing that when we had babies - I still have the knack. 
Such a nice thing to do!
We were walking along the foot path outside the hospital this morning and a woman came along side of us.  All of a sudden she leaned our way and said to my wife, "Excuse me, I hope you don't mind, I just wanted to say how good you look. With your colours you just look gorgeous! You look so nice." What a nice thing to take the time to do!  Why don't we do such things more often. My wife was walking on air for some time after that.

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Keith Harris said...

Congratulations, Dave and Jean. A lucky little boy indeed, having won "the lottery of birth".