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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Sunday night

I like this... it has truth about it.
The Communications building near the transmitter tower on top of Mount Cargill.
I did some plumbing on this when it was built over 40 years ago.
Love the bush tracks.
Back preaching...
This morning was the first church service since my holiday ended. I led it on a very personal almost autobiographical theme. I got some good feedback but the thing I noticed was how totally tired I was after it. I did some plumbing repairs for a friend, had lunch and then had a nanna nap for half an hour before going for a run. I went out like a light. I think I have potentially 47 Sundays before I retire, but I'll be out of action or on holiday for a couple of those at some stage.  I am sure it will be time for a change.
Good news on my "plumbing problems..."
Because of prostate problems I have been wearing a catheter and bag until I get an operation. We tried before the holidays to get a valve arrangement so that I could wear shorts, go swimming and running. One nurse said it was fine, but neglected to send it out with the gear. When we followed up on that another nurse said I should not wear it. Well we made more enquiries last week and the nurse checked with the Urology Dept at the hospital. They said that it was OK for me to take off the bag and wear this valve thingy, and that apart from in bed it was OK for me to wear it all the time. I waited until Saturday to experiment with it in case it caused problems. It is so good to get rid of the bag, the chaffing straps around my leg and the awareness of it being seen or being off putting for those around me. This afternoon I have been wearing running shorts and it is so freeing.  I almost feel normal again. Long may it last. It would have been great to have had it for the holidays!
Celebration exercise
I put on my shorts and went for a brief run with my friend this afternoon. It is so much nicer running in shorts! The run was relatively short and my wife was away walking with her friend when I got home, so I decided to walk the shorter route up "my" Mount Cargill.  I was intrigued. As I was going up I came to this quite steep boardwalk. I was distracted because I was busy texting at the time, but I found myself jogging up!  "What am I doing?" I asked myself, "I haven't jogged up here in a long time?  I must be feeling good!"  I think it was part of breaking free from my bag and long trousers.  So I ended up with at least two and a quarter hours of exercise today. 

There were skips available for rubbish down the road so we filled Wanda up and even had stuff on the top. A  great Saturday clean out.

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