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Sunday, May 17, 2015

May we learn from the Musk Ox!

I briefly watched a nature program on TV.  My wife had muted it and left the room, so upon entering the room,  I watched TV for a short while with the sound turned off.  It was set somewhere up near the arctic and showed a herd of, what I have learned since, were Musk Ox. Two white wolves were stalking them. They set their sights on a calf, the most vulnerable beast in the group.  As the herd began to run from the incoming wolves, these wolves singled out the calf, holding it firmly in their jaws, one at the front at one at the rear.  They were dragging it down, and it looked like this poor calf was destined to be "wolf dinner." The running herd stopped and turned around and saw the plight of this vulnerable member of the herd. Briefly they watched the struggle, then as if they were an army given an order, the whole group put their heads down and charged back at the wolves. The wolves confronted by this oncoming angry group let go of their dinner and retreated to a safe distance. The animals surrounded the stunned calf in a circle, all facing outwards glaring at the circling wolves protecting this vulnerable beast.  The wolves, who had split up hoping to have a second chance at the calf, decided to slink off.  

This herd of Musk Ox had stopped and gone back to protect and pick up the most vulnerable member of the group. Once they had done that they continued on with their journey.

Once New Zealand's ethos reflected that sort of value. These days that seems to be gone. The vulnerable sink more and more into hardship and hopelessness. The top end of society carries on oblivious to their struggles. 

Politicians, economists and leaders, please learn from the Musk Ox.  

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