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Monday, May 25, 2015

Photos of an easy day.

The hills around our valley today. It was extremely cold taking this photo.
Last night a storm hit Dunedin. There was sleet, driving rain and snow. There were high howling winds, lightening and thunder. Today it has been icy cold with I am sure a very low wind chill factor. We have stoked up the fire and for most of the day stayed indoors. We were invited out for afternoon tea. A friend at Church has a yacht that he designed, did the drawings for, project managed its build and did some of the work himself. He is a quietly spoken shy man and we have been drawn to him for many reasons. Yesterday at Church he invited us to afternoon tea at his yacht, the Katherine Johnstone. 
I LOVED visiting, was in awe of his skills and the things he told me about it, and his love of boats. He owned his first yacht at age 17. It was such an interesting afternoon. I simply share some photos.

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