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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The blog's title.

I am a Workplace Chaplain to the NZ fireservice, St John Ambulance and to Speights Brewery in Dunedin, New Zealand. At the fireservice every time one man sees me he yells, "Here comes JC's helper!". I guess I am happy to be called just that... "Jesus' helper". I am a follower of Jesus. These days, though I am an active Church minister, I tend to be reluctant to call my self a "Christian". That word has such a lot of negative baggage. I finish my very first post with a quote from Dave Andrews in his book, "Not Religion but Love".
"Being a devotee of Jesus is not a matter of subscribing to a certain set of dogmas, obeying rules and regulations, and getting others to subordinate themselves to them.

The essence of being a devotee of Jesus is to live in sympathy with God as Jesus did; feeling the throb of God's heartbeat, and teaching our hearts to learn to beat in sync with the love that sustains the universe.

It means developing our capacity to sense intuitively what causes love pleasure, and what causes love pain, and doing everything we can to enhance the pleasure, and deminish the pain."

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Jane Nicholls said...

Nice to see you in the blogosphere :)