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Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pathetic prophet embarrassed by Wanda.

I am so weak really. I rant about the consumer society and against the materialism that we get carried away with. I love to knock the values that say we need to have a flash car, fancy clothing and all these status symbols. I agree with John V Taylor in the old book "Enough is Enough" when he says we should say to all the adverts that push these things, "You have got to be kidding!" I love thumbing my nose at such things. I love it when someone comments on a new jumper I have and I proudly say, "I bought it at the second hand clothing store!" I feel so righteous and superior and see myself as a modern day prophet like Amos, Isaiah, Micah etc.

In line with this thinking earlier in the year I bought a 1990 Nissan Bluebird. It goes well, it did not cost me much and I name it "Wicked Wanda". (Don't ask!) I chuckle at people who face annual depreciation on their high priced vehicle each year that is more than I paid for Wanda. I love thumbing my nose at snobby, status symbol hunting values. But..... On Wednesday afternoon after my midday funeral I had to go to a meeting with the CEO of a company I am assisting through Workplace Support. I am trying to help them develop working systems and structures. I was driving there in Wanda. (I had been to meetings there before with my boss in her fancy racy looking BMW) As I drove toward the company I thought about the people I was going to see. I knew that they would measure success by looking at what sort of car I drove. I pictured myself pulling up in Wanda and them questioning my credibility and saying or thinking such things as; "Look at the old car he's driving? How can he be telling us how to succeed?" I was suddenly embarrassed about Wanda! I have been known to call her "the love of my life" I so enjoy driving her... but now she embarrassed me! I parked across the road, down the street a bit and walked up to the building where I was to meet them! I wanted to avoid them seeing what I drove! Poor Wanda! I am all talk about simple lifestyle and alternative values etc, but so weak when push comes to shove. What a pathetic prophet!

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