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Thursday, October 30, 2008

We unreliable people...

In every area of my life I encounter unreliable people. We are building this extension on my daughter's house and the suppliers of materials have been unreliable. The windows came and the sills are not deep enough. The flashings came and there were some missing and other's too late. Of course when challenged on these things no one really admits fault. In other areas jobs have been left undone and I have had to fill gaps. People have come up with bright ideas, and left them for others to carry out. People are slow to do stuff, which in turn puts pressure on others. I get so frustrated!!! I get in bad moods, pout and stamp my foot. But this morning I started working at home at 6 a.m., then came into my office early to catch up on work, emails and phone calls I had to make. As I have been catching up I realise that there are probably people out there who are saying "That b***** Dave Brown, why doesn't he answer emails? Phone calls? deal with this or that?" If you are one of them, I apologise. I have good excuses. I am busy etc etc.... but then probably so do the people I growl about.

I'll try to do better! And if not, I'll try to be more tolerant and patient.

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