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Friday, October 24, 2008

We did well!

I have to tell the world. I have been working on extensions to my daughter's house. I have sort of been the "boss", the one with more building experience. I am meant to know how to do things. Our work has to be inspected by city council representatives at various stages along the way and today we had one of the more important inspections. I was worried! Would the framing up pass inspection? Would they find fault with the way we had installed the windows? Were the flashings cut the way they were meant to be cut? In the middle of the night I kept thinking of all the possible things they could fail us on. But.... they visited the site, looked over our work and were happy! I am so relieved. From now on it will be a breeze. We can move on to the next stages with confidence. I hope you are happy for me! (Photos: Where there was a rotting window we have framed up for a door. 2nd- the back door into the kitchen. 3rd- Daughter Angela digging a trench for the water supply.)

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