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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas fun....

I have just finished a great evening. I have been on the run and sweating most of the night but it has been sooo much fun. A bunch of volunteers from the community came in to the church building with some from my church and some from my chaplaincy office. Together we joked, sweated, dreamt and transformed the church into a welcoming eating place for our Community Christmas Day dinner. We have decorations all over the place, and a big christmas tree, tables all decorated and set and veges prepared. People we didn't know before became friends and we all finished with supper. In all the twenty years, this was the quickest that we managed to do it. Wow! Sometimes I love my work and feel like I am so privileged! It is a christmas miracle.

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Mike Crowl said...

Hi, Dave. Had a great time at the Christmas Dinner. Lots of work, but enjoyable, and certainly better than sitting at home doing nothing in particular (we had our family get-together on Christmas Eve).