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Thursday, December 11, 2008

"ministry" & house progress.

I took some photos last night for the blog.

There is a strange looking macrocapa tree branch on our bedroom wall that has been with me since about 1976. When I was on holiday once I picked up the peice of wood and with a little saw, a pocket knife, hammer and a sharpened electrician's screw driver, I carved it. It has hung in our bedroom or my office since then reminding me about what is meant to be important for me. It reads; "Sir, we would see Jesus." It is a line from John's gospel when some greeks come to Philip looking for Jesus. It reminds me that as I relate to people and set my priorities, people should be able to look at my life and see the heart, mind and priorities of Jesus. I never really make it, but I am a slightly better man because of this old bit of wood.

The other two photos are of the toilet now installed in the extensions of my daughter's house and the "seritone" wallboard in the bathroom braced on to the wall. Hopefully over the weekend I will complete the plumbing enough for them to move back in to their house early next week. I will let you know.... My daughter can be heard saying often.... "What a miss!" (What a mission!) and the other night, "I'm over it!" I think they have done well because none of us have much spare time to do things in.

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