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Monday, December 15, 2008

Exercise report...

I promised you my mysterious readers, to exercise every day for the next five weeks.... day one report... I walked up the longer track up my mountain. (Mount Cargill, Dunedin.) As I drove over the hill to Bethunes Gully, where you start the walk, I had to put my lights on because of the low lying fog. When I am fit I can do up and back in just over an hour and a half.... yesterday it was probably getting toward 2 hours. It is a constant hour ten minutes of uphill walking with no let up or easing of the grade. I love the mental challenge of pushing myself to keep going at a reasonable pace, and not to stop and take breathers. It is a good aerobic workout that way. When I returned to the car though, I could not start it because I had left my lights on. Daughter was driving past and rescued her poor going-senile father. I am thankful for cell phones and jumper leads! I must take some photos of the bush along the path for you. I love the solitude, the variety of greenery all about me and yesterday, because of rain earlier in the day, the creeks and waterfalls were looking their best.

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