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Saturday, December 6, 2008

Don't listen to the negatives...

You may have wondered what has been happening with my daughter's house extensions. Well I have not had much of a chance to work on it and they seemed to be doing very well. When we began the project nearly everybody we talked to said, "Don't do your own Gib stopping! It won't look any good and will be heartbreaking." etc. etc. ... doom and gloom merchants. Well daughter and son-in-law looked up books and leaflets on how to do gib stopping and how to finish the ceiling etc etc. They have tackled it slowly and diligently, thinking things through as they went. This afternoon while son-in-law David was painting and daughter (and her mother) were doing tiles in the bathroom I did a few little jobs around the place.... But I looked at the gib stopping and the ceiling and it looks GOOD! I am proud of their tenacity! I admire their courage to tackle the jobs, think them through and learn.

If we spend our lives listening to the people who say, "You can't..." we would never do anything! Heed sound advice but be careful of negative people. They can hold you back and stop you learning, growing and adventuring..

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