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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Good people continued

Tonight I chaired a Night Shelter Trust meeting. We had quite a number of curly issues to talk through. I wanted to get the meeting over quickly because since I have taken over as chair the meetings have been long. I knew there was a big agenda but had thought through how I could speed things up. There were a couple of extra unexpected things thrown into the mix as well.  Tonights' meeting unfortunately, was the longest yet. I was disappointed, but I don't think it was my lack of chairing skills.  As I sat with these people and shared in the discussion I could not help but be impressed with the quality of the people and the dynamics. People differed but they worked their way through the issues. There were various issues and the variety of gifts and life experience of the various people came out and all contributed to the process. I loved their attitude, their patience, and their willingness to work. They were willing to dream but also to face reality. They are part of the Trust because of their compassion for people. They are quality people. It is a secular trust but most have links to churches. The majority are Roman Catholic folks. I could never be a Catholic, their belief system does not gel with me. (and I am certainly still too horney to be a priest!)  Somehow they must do something right though. Don't tell them, (they may get swollen heads) but the bunch of Catholics we have on the Night Shelter Trust are magical people and I admire them as individuals. We also have a lot of humour at our meetings with lots of smiles while the serious work is being done. They are good people who enhance my experience of life. I am grateful for them.

Some there are who by their living lift us to a higher plane,
finding joy disclosed in sorrow, healing hidden in their pain.
They are drawn by brighter visions, glad to give all they possess
for a greater good, discovering holier depths of happiness.

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