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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Borrowed Blog Post

Each Sunday I go for a walk/run with a friend. Over the years we have shared our life's ups and downs through the changing seasons.

Tonight I simply share a blog post from a friend's photo blog. I like the photo taken with an amazing speaking, listening, "awesomizing" iphone. The caption is my friend's but it could be mine as well. The low sun and autumn colours made this scene different. 

Tonight my wife and I are watching TV (and I'm promising to do some work some time) but the TV is not making much sense. Our son and daughter in law are in an Auckland hospital. Contractions have started so we are "with" them, at the other end of the country, waiting for the arrival of our first grandchild. I recall the arrival of our children waiting for hours with my wife in labour. It is now my son's turn to do that. Wish I could truly be "with" them but it is their journey..... woops phone just went! Watch this space.

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