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Monday, May 21, 2012

Photos don't do justice.

Meeting Edith Daisy Brown
We came from Dunedin to Waiheke Island in Auckland on Monday night. We drove by car to the airport, flew to Auckland, bused into the city and went by ferry to the Island - car, plane, bus and boat - a fun trip. We left our house at about 4:50 p.m. and got to my son and daughter-in-laws' home at around 11 p.m. We finally met our grand daughter. We had received photos but seeing her in the flesh is different. Her delightful little hands and feet, her very definite features, lips, nose and her contented sleep just cannot be communicated through photos.  I have had her sleeping on my lap in my arms. This morning I looked after her while she was awake, looking intently at me, wondering who I am. Apparently I am to be "Pop". That's Ok with me. I am fearful we will not be able to get up to see her as often as we would like as she grows. At the moment we are enjoying having a baby to make a fuss of.
There are some good things about getting old.
On the way up I sat in front of a young woman who was traveling with a guy... I don't think it was her boyfriend - yet. She was a VERY attractive woman dressed to attract - very short skirt etc. I watched her interacting with guys in the departure lounge. Then as she sat behind me for the flight I could hear their conversation. Each was trying to impress the other. There was very affected laughter, forced jokes and weird conversation. I got to thinking that there are some good things about getting old. You may not look as nice, you are not as virile and you may not be able to do all you used to do but you can relax and say, "What you see is what you get!" There is no need to "impress" and you are not worried about struggling to be accepted. It was tiring listening to them, and it must have been a tiring effort for them to keep saying "the right thing" to each other.
Health report...

  • My friend Curly Griffith had his pacemaker fitted late on Sunday night and rang me at the office from his home on Monday. I have received texts today and he is doing well. I am so pleased.
  • I have heath issues I face each day, and yet already during this brief break I notice an improvement. Stress has a lot to answer for. Roll on retirement.
Warmer air..
Driving down to the beach on Waiheke Island we discovered a family picnicing. The little children were running around naked, it was so warm. We sat on the deck for morning tea and lunch. People at the store were wearing shorts and tee shirts. I love Dunedin for many reasons but... it is cold! The winter weather here is like summer weather in Dunedin. Maybe in retirement I should move north? Life would be easier, gardening better, no frosts, snow and icy roads to contend with. But here there are more people, more problems and costlier houses. Oh well, I guess I will hang in with Dunedin.

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