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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The chief of procrastinators

I went into the office today but called in at the Night Shelter before work to add a wire to a fence I made yesterday. I came across one of the volunteers and had to be sociable. As I was about to leave another trust board member arrived to paint what we had built yesterday. We got involved in a project to get the TV working properly. I kept saying "I better go and work!" and he kept saying, "This is work!" I arrived at the office at least an hour late. I settled down and did a heap of "work" responding to emails that had built up last week and other issues. I switched the computer off during lunch time and went over to St John to talk with folk there. When I came back and switched the computer on it would not go on. It came up with some horrible error notification. I got it going on safe mode to get some information off it. The phone kept ringing with people lining up meetings for me to attend. At that point my cell phone ran out of money, the Church car park was so full I could not get my car out and nothing was going right. I then called a computer company. To my surprise he said he would come straight away, so my chaplaincy for today went out the window. (A job for tomorrow) After trying various things he told me my computer was very old and he would have to take it away to computer "hospital".  (It could be "hospice") I took off out of the office to go back to the night shelter to get the tools I had left for my friend to use. (I am VERY protective and possessive about my tools!) I ended up talking longer than anticipated and came home at around 6 p.m. with not much done for the day... and needing to do stuff. After our evening meal I went into the study to "work". My dead "apple" power adapter was there on my desk so I determined to fix it. Eventually after soldering, swearing and sweating it was going again. (I had a wee scary moment when testing it. Two wires shorted out and my computer went dead! All is well now though.) But .... the power adapter really could have waited until a spare moment say on Sunday afternoon? I had more urgent work to do especially considering my lack of work during the day? I would rather fix things than read. I would rather do the physical "easy" stuff than try to work out what is most important for me to do. Sometimes you have so much to catch up on that it is hard to know where to start... so I tend to procrastinate doing anything other than attacking the list. I can be the chief of procrastinators sometimes! Tomorrow I will move the world! :-)

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