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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Three events during the week....

Walk up the mountain..
Today my friend and I climbed my mountain up the longest track. We gave ourselves an hour and determined to turn around and come back down after the hour. We nearly reached the top! Five more minutes and we would have been there. Up toward the top there were patches of icy snow still lying on the path which meant we had to be careful on the way up, and coming down.  I did push the pace which I am not sure pleased my friend. I have had a intense week so I was pleased to have this physical "blow out".
There was icy snow to negotiate.
I am in this picture. Can you see me?

Exotic trees near the start of the track.
As far up the mountain as we got.
Some photos my friend took during our walk.
On Monday I had a meeting with some people from the Night Shelter Trust. We were thinking about the money we are needing to raise to purchase the buildings we currently rent. We talked about a man who has been generous to us and who we hadn't had contact with in a long time. We said we ought to make contact because he might be able to help. He is certainly wise and sympathetic.  Later via email the suggestion came to me that we ought to talk with our local Member of Parliament. On Tuesday I parked in the car park of a shopping mall and made my way toward the shops. Walking toward his car was this man we wanted to contact. We had a warm, though brief conversation.  I had sent an email on another matter to our MP. Today I had parked at the starting point for our hill climb waiting for my friend. A car drove in and driving it, thrilled to see me was the local Member of Parliament. We had a short warm but useful conversation. How strange that these two unplanned meetings happened just when we needed the contact?
Blunt Doctor...
I had to go to the doctor on Friday to get a prescription for a new lot of blood pressure pills. My normal doctor is doing compassionate work in his home country of Nepal so I saw another one. I told him the symptoms of an issue I had, symptoms I thought were insignificant, but worth reporting to a doctor. He asked a few questions and said we will look into it, but first wanted to sort out the prescription. He checked my blood pressure, which was the best it has ever been lately, and printed off the prescription. "Now" he said, "That other matter..." He asked a few questions, mumbled a bit then declared... "It could be an infection... but unlikely.... It sounds like cancer of the bladder. We'll need to get it checked.  You can't just ignore it as you suggest!" I have to get some tests.  I am sure that it is OK, but was quite astounded by this doctor's bluntness! Generally they do everything to avoid that "C" word until every test is done. I think he just wanted me to take the situation seriously. He said, "I would hate you to look back and be able to say that I missed something." I thought I was now free of urology departments with all their poking and prodding. Watch this space.

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