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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

What does a duck say?

Recently turned 3 Waiheke Island grand daughter .
I just turned 1yr today.
Creative way of using the swing.
Full concentration.
Walking on Waiheke is always nice.
I love the old trees on Waiheke Island.

Just an amusing anecdote. Well I found it funny. We are spending about a week catching up on son, daughter-in-law and grandchildren on Waiheke Island, Auckland, New Zealand. I discovered the "q" sound is hard for a just-turned-three little girl to make. I was singing with her the song, "Old MacDonald had a farm" and of course that song has you making animal sounds for "Dog" "Cow" etc.  We went on to talk about various animals and the noises they make. "What does a cow say?" "Moo". "What does a cat say?" "Meow""What does a lion say?" "Roar" ... the answers came quickly and correctly, even when I suggested another sound she was quick to correct me. but... "What does a duck say?" "Fuck!" ... or that is what it sounded like. "QUack" I corrected. "Fuck" she repeated confident that she was saying just what I had said. I attempted to correct the pronunciation a couple more times but then gave up. She had no idea what she was saying... she was innocently saying "Quack" as far as she was concerned... so I left her in her innocence. It was so strange this little button confidently saying "Fuck" and hard not to laugh.  I moved on to another animal and it's noise. Grand-parenting has its funny side.

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