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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Like wow!

We arrived home from our big overseas experience today. It was a long trip. We got out of bed at 5 a.m. on Tuesday in London, and at 9:40 flew via Dubai (an hour there) to Brunei. This took nearly seventeen hours. We stayed 2 hours at the airport there, boarded another flight for the 9 hour flight to Auckland, arriving at about 1 a.m. on Thursday (NZ time). After clearing customs, we had a cup of tea and tried to sleep on the seats at the International terminal. When it got too noisy just before 5 a.m. we had another cup of tea with some breakfast and walked to the domestic terminal. At around 7:15 we took off on our flight south to Dunedin arriving around 9 a.m. Our daughter met us and delivered us home. Coming up our street as we got close to our house I looked at our letterbox and saw that it was white. "Who has painted our letterbox?" I asked.... but then as Angela turned into our drive I realised it was probably the same people who had painted our house.

We quizzed Angela and she told us what she knew, but apparently there were a number involved. Some fire wood has been cut, some paths water blasted, some window sills worked on and the whole exterior of the house has been painted. I had it as an urgent "to do" thing to get on to in the summer months, but now it looks so good. I don't yet know who all to thank, but it is rather mind boggling! I keep ducking out and walking around wondering who all was involved.

I am geared for doing for others, but I find it extremely difficult to receive. I want to ask "why?". I feel guilty that people have given up their time to help me. I feel obligated to them. I really do not know how to handle this great gift. I love it, it is a great burden off my shoulders and will allow other work, but at the same time I hate receiving the help and feel quite confused by the whole thing.

Anyway, I am often a "grumble bum", but NOT today.... some people have just painted my house as a gift for free! Isn't that good news! The world is not all bad.

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