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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Look but don't see...

Yesterday we as a church got given some new furniture. A drop-in centre in town was closing down so because we also care for the folk they cared for they decided we should receive some of their assets. A couple of things were a corner desk and a filing cabinet. This led to a complete reshuffle of my office which took virtually all day. There is an old boiler room off my office that has become a bit of a storage/junk room for us, which I call "the dungeon". Years ago when I was doing something there I lost a brand new pair of glasses. I looked, and looked for these. I swore that they were not there. "I must have lost them somewhere else", I declared, "I have turned that room upside down! They are not there!" I could not find them, so we replaced them.

Yesterday in the midst of this reshuffle we wanted to "lose" an old cupboard from my office into this "Dungeon". There was not enough room, several old cupboards and drawer units were already stored there. I got in there, sat on the floor and with my feet against the wall and back against one of these units, I pushed and moved it far enough for our unwanted cupboard to be dumped there.. As I was going up the steps I looked around and I saw a pair of glasses on the floor. "Oh" I thought, "My glasses must have come off!" I picked them up and put them on my desk. Later when I was packing to go home I discovered two identical pairs of glasses on my desk! I had found the missing pair of glasses I had lost years ago!

I had, searched and searched for these! I had declared they were not there. But they were there all along. As I drove home I got to thinking, how often in lots of situations in life we do not see what is right in front of us. It can be friendship. It can be positive things happening when we are focused on the negative. It can be support from others, or love. It can be successes, or acheivements when we think we are not acheiving. In lots of circumstances I know I often fail to see what is right in front of my nose.

With a spare pair of glasses I should not miss anything now.

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