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Thursday, June 23, 2011

It happened to a minister(ii)

I did my theological training in Melbourne for four years. We had student ministries and I had nearly three years as the only minister at a particular church. I had to preach at morning service and lead the whole evening service every weekend, as well as teach Sunday School, run a youth group, do pastoral visits and attend meetings. (They were very busy weekends ... with busy weeks studying) One Sunday night I was very tired and leading the evening service. The secretary had given me a note that I was to read out about the Sewing Circle. The sewing circle was a small group of elderly ladies who got together to repair or make clothing which was sent to mission stations. After the first hymn I gave the announcements. In a clear loud voice I read out; "The sewing circus will meet on Wednesday.... " (It was a tired slip of the tongue, completely innocent.) EVERYBODY, except the elderly ladies of the Sewing Circle laughed uncontrollably. (The ladies were "quaint" and the "circus" name somehow suited.) The sewing circle ladies just glared at me (if looks could kill?) and then glared at their husbands who were still laughing. I may as well not have continued with the service. Throughout the service I could see people think of the event grin and stifle a giggle.

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Linda Myers said...

Comic relief. Always a good thing!