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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

First day back...

I have just finished my first day back at work. It was a ten hour day from starting at the office until when I left the office to come home. Tonight I have been doing extra reading in preparation for Sunday, so it has been a long day. I am tired.
I visited St John Ambulance at lunch time and ate my lunch with folk there talking about life and work. I visited fire stations from 3 till 5:30 p.m. While at the Central Fire Station they got an alarm call to Knox Church (Presbyterian) a landmark iconic Church building in Dunedin. The fire fighters were happy for me to go with them and visit "the opposition". (As they called them) We could not find any fire or smoke. 
After visiting fire stations I walked to the hospital and visited three guys there. Walking back to the office after the hospital, I bumped into a couple who come to our drop-in centre. They were waiting for the bus. I stopped and had a conversation with them. When the bus pulled up to my surprise a voice from in the bus yelled, "Dave!"  The bus driver was one of our Church guys. So we had a conversation.. while the poor passengers had to wait.
The thing that got me in these contacts... and there were others during the day... was the warmth with which I was greeted.  In each place I was received with warmth and friendship. I walked into a hospital room and the patient I was visiting pushed out his hand, "It is so good to see you!"  Another guy, a retired firefighter, seemed to just expect that I would call.  A fire-fighter who is leaving the job later in the week made some special comments about how much he had appreciated my company. The drop-in couple were so pleased to talk as was the bus driver bloke.  ... but I had the question asked a few times... "Are you really going to retire?"  Followed by, "What will happen?"  It is nice to feel wanted, but I WILL retire.
The bad thing that happened today is that over the holidays I have forgotten my pass word for authorising payments for the Night Shelter, and the bank has now locked me out because I tried too many times to get the password. I have written it down somewhere secret... so secret I don't know where it is! Oh well, I must be getting old.

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