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Monday, January 7, 2013


Tonight I have been preparing wedding ceremonies. I have to lead one tomorrow evening and also my son's one this coming Saturday.  I get the couples to think about and design their own. I give them a book with a whole lot of suggestions as a starter for them, and they respond with the things they would like included.  I then put together a ceremony that I think will suit them. It is quite an interesting process to go through. I have spent the last couple of hours putting together a ceremony for a firefighter and his partner.  As I compose I hold in mind the actual people and word things in such a way that it will be meaningful for them. I am concentrating on them, their relationship and in a real sense praying for their future as I type.   I had virtually completed their service when a different approach "hit" me so I had to re-do it. But I am focused on them.
I printed that off then began to prepare for my son's wedding. The strange thing was, I had so focused on "Jack and Jill" that I found it hard to swap to Simon and Stephanie. In fact I struggled to think of my own future daughter-in-law's name for a half a minute. My mind went blank, and did not stop thinking about the previous wedding! I realised how totally absorbed I am in my preparations. It is not just going through the motions, it is truly ministry. You give of yourself and your inner-being as you seek to do the best you are able. I have one ceremony completed, and have just started the next. 

I do wish for both couples a future in which they travel the journey of life with intimacy, friendship and many years of wellbeing. They are both nice couples with such great qualities as people. Wish me luck tomorrow night, I hope it goes well.

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Keith Harris said...

I wish you luck, as you ask, Dave. But, as with community Christmas meals, you don't need luck when you've done the preparation!