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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Really on holiday now.

On the road...
The first two days of my "holiday" have really been "work". I went to a chaplaincy, I have done some Church work and I have prepared two wedding ceremonies and led one of them. Today we packed up and drove to Christchurch. It is always a bit hectic trying to think of what to pack. I had to pack the right clothing for a wedding. As well as that I am going tramping so I had to pack tramping gear. My son wants our foster daughter (to all intents and purposes, his sister) at his wedding, so we have brought her up. She has sever handicaps so it is a bit of a mission getting her here. It was a very hot drive here (roughly a five hour trip when you stop for a meal) with a nor-west wind blowing. These are notorious in Canterbury.
My plumbing...
As we were packing up I noticed a malfunction in my catheter and bag "plumbing" system. I had to stop and correct the problem and change my clothing. I am fortunate, this is the first time things have gone this wrong. As I begin the holiday I am beginning to realise how annoying it is not being able to wear shorts, having to take all the paraphernalia with us, and how do you cope with it with other people in the house? It was really nice on Monday. We visited a woman who comes to Space2B and is part of our wider Church community. She invited us for coffee and in the process offered to pay for the operation I am waiting for to get it done privately. This is the second person to graciously make this offer. I turned her down. If I wait for another three months I will get it free (well my taxes have paid for it) and those people can use their money for something else. But it is really moving having people care for me that much. 
I WILL relax! I WILL relax!
The house we are renting for the next five nights is really luxurious. It is spacious with big double bedrooms, bathrooms to burn and spacious living and dining areas. There is a swimming pool, a spa pool and a pool table. All I need to do is switch off. The weather forecast is for hot! At the moment I am watching Australian cricket on a ridiculously big TV screen, having watched the tennis earlier. How I would love to have the ball skills these athletes have! Somehow I got dished out a "barely talented" hand of cards and have to struggle in nearly every area. Oh well we are all different.
Now what advice do you give your son when he's getting married? I'll let you know what I say at the ceremony. Watch this space.

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