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Saturday, May 24, 2014

Project progress

The project progress.
We had Friday off to celebrate Phil's birthday. On that day forty years ago I got a parking ticket from Melbourne Police for parking too long outside the hospital. Inside I was busy making phone calls sorting arrangements for a funeral of an elderly parishioner, whilst awaiting the birth of our second child. There was no "Parental leave" back then.  Now we are still waiting for Phil & Natasha's second child to decide to come into the world. By lunch time Saturday we had completed blocking the floor framework and the had the basic floor panels in place with a few screws in each. While my wife and I did other chores, son Phil screwed the floor down. We have decided to extend our project to make the room bigger than we first planned. This afternoon my wife and I picked up three free pallets from a liquor store to use in the total project. 
Phil is the baby (about 12 months) in my wife's arms... hard to think he is now forty!

Phil's 2year old daughter on her birthday just over a week ago.

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