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Monday, May 12, 2014

Some photos from Waiheke Island

We are at my son's house on Waiheke Island. It is a beautiful Island 30 minutes ferry ride from the down town wharf in Auckland, New Zealand. It is part of Auckland city.  The bird life is fantastic and the weather a whole lot warmer than where we live in Dunedin. The temperatures have been like a Dunedin summer, yet in May we are well into autumn, verging on winter months. We are here to look after grand daughter number one at the time of delivery of another grandchild.  I am enjoying regular walks, catching up on the family and the scenery.  Many on the island commute to work in Auckland each day. There are a number of "rich and famous" New Zealanders with lifestyle blocks and palatial houses on the island. There are quite a number of vineyards, wineries and olive groves so it has a bit of a Mediterranean feel about it. I share some photos...
Sunrise from the village on our first day here. 
The beach down the road near a local Maori Marae (meeting grounds)  
Tree of native flowers with a Tui feasting on necter.
The passenger ferry from Auckland unloads at the terminal.
It is an island of idyllic bays.
A local beach/playground area 
A Heron??? 
My very pregnant daughter in law with my oldest grandchild.

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