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Thursday, May 22, 2014

The project

We are staying at my son and daughter-in-law's home. We are here to help out when their second child decides to be born... currently overdue. Now if my son (40 years old tomorrow) and I sat down and talked theology or philosophy of life or values, I kind of suspect we would be screaming at each other in no time. It feels like he has rejected many of the things I stand for. I find myself having to bite my tongue at some of his attitudes and comments. There are many times when I am sure he comes out with statements that he knows I would disagree with just to wind me up. I just roll my eyes. But the strange thing is that there are many things we have in common. We are very similar in so many ways.  We enjoy a walk in the bush. He enjoys his own company like I do. He is now into vege gardening and has bought the same self sufficiency books that I have. And he likes doing DIY jobs. 
We get on well walking in the bush together. We get on fine, in a strange sort of way when we do DIY jobs together. (Some very blunt things are said) He also likes to do them as cheap as possible. Our project we are working on currently is to build a workshop under his house. A part of his house is up on poles and there has been a roughly divided off storage part which had a make shift floor of questionable standard. We have pulled that all apart and are currently building a proper, lockable workshop space. He told me that he wanted this workshop space, and we had installed a window a year or so ago. When he mentioned it the other day I said, "Would you like to do it while I am here?" "Well I can't do it on my own, can I?" was his way of saying "yes please." But we are using all recycled timber, windows and doors. I offered to go buy some new timber today, but was told in no uncertain terms that was not required. It does make the job a lot harder, but it is amazing what you can do with junk. We have been working on it off and on for the last three days.  First the demolition part of it. Then the rebuild with lots of discussion, debate about how we proceed. But we usually work well together and when he decided it was time to stop tonight, we looked at what we had done and were pleased. Of course if the expected baby decides to arrive we will have to put it on hold for more important things. Watch this space for progress reports.

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