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Monday, November 17, 2008

Administration... blah!

I am nervous! This afternoon we ran around the house extensions tidying up flashings, squeezing "gunk" in holes, replacing brackets and tidying up the building site. Tomorrow afternoon the building inspector comes! What will he find to pick holes in? Will he pass our work and let us move on to the next stage, or will he make us re-do stuff? Will there be hassles with the materials we use? I think it is all OK. I know it is waterproof. I know it is warm and secure and looks OK, but will the bureaucrats from the town hall give it the thumbs up?

Speaking of bureaucrats, I expressed disagreement with my national Church administration today. I am usually compliant and keep quiet. I thought we had a sort of unwritten agreement that if they left me alone I would leave them alone. But I got this officious sounding email wanting statistics. Well I disagree with the way they ask for them and what they ask for, so I had basically put it well down on my priority list. Today their patience ran out and I got this sort of threatening email. Well usually I keep quiet, but I expressed my disagreement. I await the reaction.

I guess we need the bureaucrats of this world? Administration, rules and regs have never been my thing. Sometimes I feel like we can't sneeze in NZ without getting a permit or a license to do it! Never mind, I promise to be nicer to people whose work is administration. Well at least I'll try. Wish us luck with the building inspector! I will let you know. Just now I am watching and listening to country music as I type... tomorrow I start another busy week.

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