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Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Still building... more than meets the eye.

We are building the extensions to my daughter's house only on weekends and free evenings now so progress has slowed. To show that we have done some things here is a photo.

To make those parapets water tight on top and where they join the roof and then tie everything together took a lot of thinking and work for this ex-plumber. The photo doesn't look much, only I know the sleepless nights, worry and thought that went into it all. There are so many jobs like that. No one really knows what goes in behind the jobs we do. A sermon has hours of thought and preparation but looks easy on the day. I rode yesterday with ambulance officers who discussed different "jobs" and I gained an insight into the decisions they make every day and all the considerations behind the treatment they give. No doubt you can think of heaps of examples like that, where the "work behind the work" is never seen. Anyway... here's a photo

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